• Charles & Charlene Chee

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  • Tan Kean Hoe & Margaret Tan

    At first, I wasn't convinced that a few drops of saliva can give such a comprehensive DNA report. But because I wanted to discover my son's "genetic secrets", I decided to go ahead. After understanding Jun Yi's DNA report, we finally understood why he behaves the way he is now. My wife and I recommend Nutrigene to all our friends. Thank you Nutrigene!

  • Sharon & Han Jie

    We felt very helpless and anxious when our only daughter, Hui Qi, has been diagnosed with mild autism. Nutrigene is unlike any other DNA testing company. They provide free 1-to-1 personalised consultation before we even decide to make the purchase. I want to personally thank Nutrigene for their sincerity. After 3 months of treatment, our daughter's condition has improved greatly!