• Genetic Health & Wellness DNA Reports

    Our report dives deep into potential inherited health concerns, child's nutrition needs, food & dietary sensitivities, and factors affecting their overall wellness. It's a guide to fostering a healthy lifestyle from a young age - arming parents with the knowledge to take proactive steps in their child's health journey.

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  • Career Talent & Personality Report (RIASEC Model)

    This report sheds light on your child's inherent talents and potential career paths. It assists parents in recognising and nurturing these talents early on.

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  • Personalised Development Program (PDP)

    Beyond just identifying genetic markers, we present a roadmap tailored for your child. This learning program offers specific workshops designed based on their unique genetic findings, ensuring targeted growth and development.

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Door-to-door Sample Collection*

Experience hassle-free genetic testing right at your doorstep. For select areas*, our certified geneticists will conduct buccal cell sample collection, ensuring accuracy and convenience. The entire process is swift, painless, and handled with utmost professionalism, prioritising your child's comfort.

*select areas are subject to availability of our geneticists. Kindly message us to arrange your sample collection.

Certified Career Psychologists

Cultivating Resilience and Self-Motivation

Grounded in the 9 Multiple Intelligences (9MI) framework, our career psychologists provide nuanced guidance tailored to your child. They'll offer strategies to nurture a resilient mindset, ensuring that your child remains self-motivated and empowered to tackle any challenges that come along the way.

Genetic Nutritionists

Tailored Nutritional Insights for Optimal Health

More than just a dietary plan, our nutritionists integrate genetic findings to align with your child's unique nutritional needs. By identifying specific health susceptibilities based on their genetic profile, we craft individualised dietary recommendations, ensuring your child remains energised, focused, and in the state of optimal health.

Childhood Behavioural Therapists

Fostering Healthy Emotional Development

A child's behavioural tendencies and emotional inclinations can be deeply rooted. Our therapists offer insights into your child’s inherent personality traits, empowering parents with strategies to communicate effectively and nurture their child's emotional well-being, steering clear of potential emotional setbacks.

Monthly Parenting Classes

Nutrigene is committed to guiding parents through the intricate journey of child upbringing. Our monthly classes focus on a mix of genetic nutrition, child psychology, and holistic wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a DNA test work?

Our team collects a DNA sample through a cheek swab to collect buccal cells. This sample is then analysed in our lab to identify genetic markers that correlate with certain educational predispositions.

Is a DNA test safe for my child?

Absolutely. Nutrigene's DNA test uses a non-invasive and painless cheek swab, eliminating the discomfort associated with needle pricks found in other tests.

How accurate are the insights provided?

Our insights are grounded in rigorous scientific research. We ensure transparency in our findings by providing complete references to the research studies and medical journal citations in our reports. This ensures that parents have full access to the primary sources that inform our recommendations.

What is the RIASEC framework?

The RIASEC framework, also known as Holland's Hexagon or Holland Codes, was developed by Dr. John Holland in the 1960s. It categorizes personalities and environments into six distinct types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. The framework, which was first introduced in 1959 and refined in subsequent years, assists individuals in understanding their strengths, preferences, and potential career paths. At Nutrigene, we leverage this renowned model to align genetic insights with tailored educational and career guidance.

Will the genetic report pigeonhole or limit my child's potential in any way?

No, our goal is to empower and provide insights, not to limit. We believe every child is unique, and our insights serve as a tool to help recognize their inherent strengths, not to dictate their future.

How do you ensure the privacy of our genetic data?

At Nutrigene, we prioritise the privacy and security of your genetic data. To ensure clarity and trust, parents will be presented with a Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) agreement upon purchase. This agreement outlines the processes of data collection, storage, and usage. It clearly stipulates what Nutrigene is permitted to do with the data and what it is not. We take these measures to provide full transparency and uphold our commitment to data privacy.

How can teachers and educators use Nutrigene's insights effectively?

Nutrigene's insights can guide educators in understanding a child's learning style and predispositions, helping tailor teaching methods to best suit each child's needs.

Is this service only available for Singaporean children?

While our mission is deeply rooted in transforming education in Singapore, we aspire to help children globally achieve their fullest potential.