Dr. Lee Le Jie

Dr. Lee Le Jie

Dr. Lee has been involved in various research projects to study the immune system based on genomic aspects including genomic polymorphism, gene expression, gene copy number variations and epigenetics in cancer patients.

Apart from that, he is also involved in setting up and training clinical diagnostic laboratories that provide services such as precision medicine, cancer risk assessment, HIV genotyping, molecular pathogen detection, preimplantation genetic screening and non-invasive prenatal test.

He has accumulated extensive experience in molecular biology technologies especially in next-generation sequencing, Sanger sequencing, PCR, real-me PCR and bioinformatics analysis from his post-graduate study.

Dr. Lee believes DNA data will become a tool for people of the new era to use to learn about themselves. To enhance public knowledge and arouse public interest in this respect, the idea that DNA can help people understand themselves must be spread.

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