Every Child is Unique.

Their Education Should Be Too.

The Power of Personalised Learning

In a study of NGLC students, results revealed a widespread advantage of Personalised Learning. Regardless of their initial achievement levels, a significant majority of NGLC students outperformed their counterparts:

For the majority (lowest four groups) of students, approximately 60% surpassed their peers in both mathematics and reading.
Even among the highest achievers, mid-50% of NGLC students exceeded the performance of their comparison group.

Takeaway: Personalised Learning isn't just for a select few - it benefits students of all abilities.

Source: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation found that personalised learning practices can improve students' mathematics outcomes (Pane et al., 2017).

  • Genetic Health & Wellness DNA Reports

    Our report dives deep into potential inherited health concerns, child's nutrition needs, food & dietary sensitivities, and factors affecting their overall wellness. It's a guide to fostering a healthy lifestyle from a young age - arming parents with the knowledge to take proactive steps in their child's health journey.

  • Career Talent & Personality Report (RIASEC Model)

    This report sheds light on your child's inherent talents and potential career paths. It assists parents in recognising and nurturing these talents early on.

  • Personalised Development Program (PDP)

    Beyond just identifying genetic markers, we present a roadmap tailored for your child. This learning program offers specific workshops designed based on their unique genetic findings, ensuring targeted growth and development.

Welcome to the World's Most Unique Career Talent DNA Report

Career Talent DNA Report

Every child possesses unique strengths and inclinations. Our analysis dives deep into their genetic predispositions in the Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional domains. With this precise knowledge, set the stage for them to nurture their natural abilities and steer them towards career paths where they'll not just succeed, but truly shine.

Academic & Artistic Talents Analysis

Our detailed DNA analysis sheds light on their inherent capacities, from cognitive and mathematical prowess to linguistic skills, musical inclinations, and creative potential. With our insights, you can tailor educational experiences to their unique talents, setting them up for success in both the classroom and on the artistic stage.

Personality & Behaviour Analysis

Discover the intricate tapestry of your child's personality and behaviour. With our cutting-edge DNA analysis, we decode the genetic factors that contribute to their resilience, sensitivity, extraversion, and even their inclination towards risk-taking. By understanding these genetic markers, you can make informed decisions about their upbringing, education, and overall wellbeing.

Expert Child Nurturing & Career Guidance

Empower your child's future with tailored expert advice. Based on our DNA insights, we offer specific career guidance, ensuring you nurture their innate talents from a young age. Let our expertise steer your child's journey, helping them to flourish in Singapore's dynamic environment.

Tailored Career Pathway Recommendations

Unlock your child's potential by aligning their innate talents with the right career paths. Our DNA insights don't just stop at discovering abilities; we translate them into actionable career recommendations. By understanding where their natural talents lie, you can guide your child towards a fulfilling career that maximises their potential.

Co-Curricular Activity Insights

Beyond the classroom, nurturing talents requires the right activities. Based on our DNA analysis, we provide a summary of co-curricular activities tailored to your child's genetic strengths. Engage your child in activities that not only enhance their skills but also ignite their passion.

Listen from a parent’s perspective, an educator’s vision.

Introducing the Personalised Development Plan (PDP)

PDP is not just about education; it's a data-driven, genetics-informed program designed specifically for your child's personality, talents, and character. It's about unleashing your child's full potential by tailoring their education journey like never before.

Nutrigene's Personalised Sensory Play Workshops

All-Encompassing Development: We don't just play; we shape futures. Our sensory play sessions are meticulously designed to nurture diverse developmental domains — from language, numeracy, world discovery, motor skills, to art, music, and we do also focus on their psychosocial development. Every game, every activity is a step towards a holistic growth journey.

Empowerment for Parents: We don’t just cater to children; we equip parents too. Every session is complemented with guidance on how to effectively engage your child at home using the provided resources. Become an active partner in your child’s developmental journey.

Tailored Experience for Continued Learning: Unlike typical classes, every child receives their own bring-home sensory bin. Our sensory bins serve as an extended educational toolkit, ensuring continuity in your child's development journey at home.

Why Psychosocial Development Matters for Our Child

Physical milestones like first steps or words are easily celebrated, but your child's emotional and social growth is just as vital.

Here's Why:

  1. Lifelong Relationships
  2. Resilience
  3. Identity & Confidence
  4. Emotional Health

Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development 

This theory outlines the psychological and social challenges faced throughout one's life.

For example, a key stage, "Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt," occurs between ages 2 to 3. Here, children seek independence in tasks like toilet training. Successfully navigating early challenges cultivates autonomy in children, boosting their confidence and security. Conversely, hurdles in these milestones may foster feelings of shame and doubt, impacting their self-assuredness.

Our Workshops: Tailored for holistic child development. While we celebrate physical milestones, let's not forget the importance of nurturing their minds and emotions.

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Accreditations & Certifications

Nutrigene operates under stringent quality management systems and is accredited by ISO17025 and GCLP. We also utilise cutting-edge Illumina Technology for genetic analysis. Our adherence to international standards underpins our commitment to delivering reliable, accurate results up to 99.9%.

Protecting Your Privacy

Nutrigene follows rigorous data protection standards in compliance with Singapore's Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). We believe in transparency and give you the choice to keep your child's identity anonymous. All data is securely encrypted and never shared without explicit consent.

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Our Team of Experts

  • Dr. Choo Wenxi

    Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, PhD

    Founder, CEO

    Inspired by the challenges parents face in recognising their child's potential, Dr. Choo Wenxi founded Nutrigene. Her vision seamlessly integrates genetics and education, crafting unique educational paths based on inherent strengths. Dr. Choo is dedicated to reshaping Singapore's educational landscape, advocating for a child-centric approach rooted in scientific insight.

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  • Dr. Lee Le Jie

    Molecular Biology, PhD

    Chief Scientist

    A pioneer in the intersection of genetics and education, Dr. Lee's research encompasses genomic polymorphism, gene expression, and epigenetics in cancer patients. He is pivotal in establishing and mentoring clinical diagnostic laboratories, offering precision medicine, cancer risk assessment, and other pivotal genomic services. Dr. Lee envisions a world where DNA data is a transformative tool for self-awareness. His groundbreaking research continues to shape the future of education in Singapore.

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  • Tyler Teh Jiexiang

    Degree in Piano Performance (Hons), NUS

    Music Educator

    Graduating from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music at the National University of Singapore, Tyler has devoted over 12 years to the mastery and teaching of piano and music theory. His experiences underscore a steadfast belief in personalised education — not just in the realm of music but in education itself. Under Nutrigene, Tyler now champions a tailored approach to learning and enhancing the fabric of education in Singapore.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does a DNA test work?

Our team collects a DNA sample through a cheek swab to collect buccal cells. This sample is then analysed in our lab to identify genetic markers that correlate with certain educational predispositions.

Is a DNA test safe for my child?

Absolutely. Nutrigene's DNA test uses a non-invasive and painless cheek swab, eliminating the discomfort associated with needle pricks found in other tests.

How accurate are the insights provided?

Our insights are grounded in rigorous scientific research. We ensure transparency in our findings by providing complete references to the research studies and medical journal citations in our reports. This ensures that parents have full access to the primary sources that inform our recommendations.

What is the RIASEC framework?

The RIASEC framework, also known as Holland's Hexagon or Holland Codes, was developed by Dr. John Holland in the 1960s. It categorizes personalities and environments into six distinct types: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional. The framework, which was first introduced in 1959 and refined in subsequent years, assists individuals in understanding their strengths, preferences, and potential career paths. At Nutrigene, we leverage this renowned model to align genetic insights with tailored educational and career guidance.

Will the genetic report pigeonhole or limit my child's potential in any way?

No, our goal is to empower and provide insights, not to limit. We believe every child is unique, and our insights serve as a tool to help recognize their inherent strengths, not to dictate their future.

How do you ensure the privacy of our genetic data?

At Nutrigene, we prioritise the privacy and security of your genetic data. To ensure clarity and trust, parents will be presented with a Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) agreement upon purchase. This agreement outlines the processes of data collection, storage, and usage. It clearly stipulates what Nutrigene is permitted to do with the data and what it is not. We take these measures to provide full transparency and uphold our commitment to data privacy.

How can teachers and educators use Nutrigene's insights effectively?

Nutrigene's insights can guide educators in understanding a child's learning style and predispositions, helping tailor teaching methods to best suit each child's needs.

Is this service only available for Singaporean children?

While our mission is deeply rooted in transforming education in Singapore, we aspire to help children globally achieve their fullest potential.